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Happy in our Little Nook
Older Couples Love
Traveling Toward Gods Closing time
Miracle of the Returned Pigs (true)
We Have Love to Keep Us Warm
Those Memories
Saturday Night for the Seniors
Drowning In Memories (song)
A Wild Saturday Night for the Seniors
Many Years Together
Living One Day at a Time
Thankfully Life Goes On
Our Treasure Chests of Memories
Mind Stuck in the Past
When Life on Earth is Over
Retirement With You
A Lovers Dream...Life Time Together
Not What Could Have Been, But Has Been
Looking Forward to Heaven
Tired, Old and Fat
Hidden Slumbering Memories
What Is To Be Will Be
When We Face The Day With Dread
I Am Too Young to Feel This Old
The Bestest Fruit Cake that ever Was
Dis Old Retarded Libirated Womin
Reason For No Santa In Church
A Lovers Dream...Life Time Together
My Most Wonderful Toy Gift as a Child
Housed Up In Winter With You
Unfulfilled Yen of Days Past
Joyful Chirstmas At Grandmas House
Mans Point of View at Christmas
Good Ole Days
My Strange Grand Doggie
A Life Well Lived
Living In The Past
Which Worse, Pig Slop, Mud or City Folk?
Their Long Time Marriage
Old Rehoboth Church
Dem Darn Panty Hose
Remembering Timeless Memories
Regrets Of Life
Memories Of A Childhood Sweetheart
Our Ancestors
Life Is Short
Traveling Onward
Our Gift of Love to Each Other
Lonely Older Couple
She Sits In Her Chair All Day
I Have Loved You Through All Seasons
I Shouldnt Have Asked
Our Romantic Night...NOT
Do We Live In Vain?
We Wonder, IS THAT ALL?
Who Is Getting Old?
Remembering The OutHouse Days
Today Is Just Like The Day Before Today
Cherished Moments We Have Left
Memories of The Better Years
Love Still There After Many Years
Grow Old With Me
Every Moment of Life a Plus
In The Days Of Yore
Leave The Past, Greet The Future
Memories...The Best Part Of Christmas
Turning of the Page
Preparing for Season Change
Another Morning has Arrived
When I Remember
He Was Always There for Her
Security Of Love
Love Abides and Grows Each Season
Peace Within (dedicated to my hubby)
Life is Mysterious
What is to be
Did God Close the Door?
Cling to Treasures that are Important
Then Back to Reality She Bounces
Even Bologna Was Gourmet
The Wandering Mind
The Body is Here, Where is the Mind?
Questions for the Church Members
Im Sorry
Careless Words
For Those Who Remain Together
Yesterday Becomes A Memory
Never Doubt When Shadows Surround You
Secrets Of The Past
We All Are Special
Strange Actions of Love
Wintry Stormy Night Memories
Cleaning Out Old Things
Together Forever In Love
We Were Set Up (long true love story)
Poem of Celebration
Biting My Tongue and Praying
Strolling Through Memories ForgottenPath
Was It A House Or A Barn?
Will You Wait at the Golden Gate?
Hurry Up? Who Me?
No Time for Regrets
Sometimes All We Can Do is Pray
Giving God Praises Today
Whatever the Future Has in Store
Those Lingering Memories
New Heaven and New Earth
Time to be Thankful
He Calms the Storms Within
Our Song, I Love You Because
Their Love Has Lasted
Did I Ask You to Be My Valentine?
Everything Changes
Hope Comes Into View
Heading For the Finish Line
Peaceful Easy Feeling
The Old Barn Stands Alone
The Way It Used To Be
Buried Within Might Have Beens
Moments of Memories
Time In Suspension
When I Reminisce
Water Under the Bridge
Just Being Together With You
Just Keeping On
Blood Runs Deep in our Heredity
Memories of Family Time
Fate Has Been Kind
Time Wasted
You and I Were Meant to be