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Would you like to see your poem published?

Would you like to be listed in the Best of Starlite. This is your opportunity to secure a place in the legacy.

Welcome to the Best of Starlite -- Love Poetry Home Page. This will be the first book to be published by Starlite in the The Best of Starlite Series. Through the following Frequently Asked Questions, you will learn about the objective of this book as well as the best way to contribute toward it.

Objective of this book: Combine together the Best Love Poetry of Starlite into a reasonable priced book to help our Starlite Poets get better read.

Question: How much does it cost to put my poem into this book?

Answer: There is NO cost to the poet to be in the book. You, as Starliters, will determine the poems that are offered a place in this book with your votes. The winner of any of the specially designated challenges will automatically be offered a place. If that poet declines the opportunity, then the runner up will be offered the opportunity. No matter how you win the offer, there will be NO COST to you whatsoever to have your poem included in this book.

Question: Do I have to give you all my rights to the poem?

Answer: NO... All rights remain with the poet. The only right that Starlite will request is the right to print your poem in this book. You may sell the poem to anyone else that you would like. You may publish it in as many other books as you would like. The poet retains all rights to the poetic work.

Question: I have heard about scams where I have to pay $120.00 just to buy the book with one of my poems. Is this one of those?

Answer: No. We want this book to be reasonable priced so that as many people as possible can read your work. In fact, this book will be made available on a non-profit basis. In other words, this book will never make a profit. As an introduction to Starlite Publishing, it will be sold at cost.

Question: Where can I buy this book?

Answer: The book will be available on Amazon and other websites. We will also utilize the normal distribution systems to make the book available to as many bookstores and web sites as possible. In addition, we understand that buying a book through an established store like Amazon can increase the prices dramatically. Therefore, we are looking into how to sell the book to you directly.

Question: Where do I find the challenges to enter my poems?

Answer: The easiest way is to go to the Challenge Home page In addition to this link, you can link to the Challenge Home Page from either the Index page or you own HomePage. When you have arrived at the Challenge Home Page, look for any challenges accepting submissions which have this symbol .

Question: So for each challenge, there is one poem entered into the book

Answer: No, there may be more than one poem from a challenge. In the event of a tie, then all poets involved in the tie will be given the opportunity to have their poem printed in the book. Also, if a challenge has over 40 entries, then one winner may be picked for each 20 entries at the chief editor's discretion.

Question: Didn't Albert want to publish a book of Starlite Authors?

Answer: Yes. The publication of a book of Starlite Authors was one of Albert's dreams. There was a lot of conflict, upsetness, and public uproar forcing the project to be dropped. This part of Albert's dream was never realized. This will not happen again. This time, Albert's dream will be realized. A book will be published. The poems will be selected by Starliters via the voting. The chief editor will be responsible for the layout, preparations, and conflict resolution. His ruling will be final.

Question: Do I have to participate in this book?

Answer: No. In fact, if you feel at all uncomfortable, please don't participate. This book is an opportunity for Starliters to be read and to gain fans. It is an opportunity to capture the best of Starlite in book form. You will be asked to sign a publishing agreement to release your poem. Therefore, there is no fear that your poem will be used without your consent.

Question: Who will be the Chief Editor for this book?

Answer: Devin Jeanel.

Question: Will my poems be changed for the book?

Answer: No, not without your permission. As a winner of a challenge, you will be given an opportunity to receive peer group editing suggestions. You may take or leave these suggestions.

Question: How many poems can I get into this book?

Answer: At present, we are restricting the number of poems per person to five. We want to give everyone the opportunity to be a part of this effort and not just a chosen few. Most people can afford to donate one to five poems to a book like this.

Special thanks to
Michael Dragon for this sample bookcover
Question: What will be the author's royalty rate?

Answer: For this book, no author royalties will be distributed. This book will be nonprofit. It is intended to capture the legacy that we know as Starlite. For this book, there will be no profit or royalties added into the price of the book. We want to make it very reasonable to purchase. It will be Just For The Love Of It, so to speak.

Question: I don't think I am good enough to win a challenge?

Answer: In all likelyhood, you are better than you think. Poetry is one of those things that is almost impossible to judge. Everyone likes something different. Therefore, the votes are very evenly spread. Sometimes just voting for yourself is what will put your name in lights. What do you have to lose? It takes very little time to throw a poem into the pot. You don't have to add anything on the poem to say it is for a challenge. If you don't win.. so what? However, there are so many challenges, that some of the challenges will have low number of entries. Another tip, is tell your fans that you have entered into a challenge. Let them know it is there to be voted on. If you want to be in the book, all it takes is a little effort. It never hurts to try.

Question: How can I submit a previously posted poem to be considered for the book?

Answer: Some challenges are open to only new poems, but many of the challenges are open to both new AND previously posted poems. There is one reoccurring challenge named Best Love Poem, which will always accept previously posted poems.

Question: Will there be other opportunities for me to publish a book of only my poems?

Answer: Yes, we are launching Starlite Publishing in 2009, which will allow you to publish your poems in book format through the same system as The Best of Starlite Series. As with the The Best of Starlite Series, we plan to offer this service at no cost to the poet. Writers should not have to pay to have their materials published.

Question: You still didn't answer my question?

Answer: Please let us know so we can add your question and answer to this list. Contact us