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Let's Celebrate!!!

Do you know what time it is? It's time to party!!! It's time to kick off your shoes and celebrate with us. We are all going to have a good time. Click on the event that is dearest to your heart.

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Do you know of an upcoming event? Do you know of someone who has a reason for us to celebrate? Send us the information

Ingrid will work with you to turn your idea into a very special celebration for the rest of Starlite to join. Thank you so much, Ing.

Return to MY home page

After you press on a name, you'll enter the celebration, where Starliters have left their messsages and linked poems for the event.

When you enter, there are two red links at the top.

On the right side, is a link to exit. This will return you to this page.

On the left side, there is a link to add to the celebration. Click here to leave a message and/or a poem. When you click on it, you'll see a popup window. In this window, you can enter a message in the message box.

Below the message box, two boxes allow you to enter a poem. The first box is a dropdown of your last 100 poems. You can select one of these and press "Please add my message to the celebration", the poem will be added. If the poem that you want to use is not in the drop down list, then you can cut and paste the url, for your desired poem, into the second box. The second textbox will take priority over the dropdown list. If you want no poem to be associated, move your dropdown list to the blank at the bottom of the list and do not enter anything into the second box.

When you refresh the celebration page, you should see your graphic with your name under it. If you move your cursor over the graphic, you will see your message. If you click on the graphic, you will see the associated poem. If you click on the name under the graphic, you will go to the author's homepage.

This is a time for CELEBRATION. Please keep your message in line both with your words and poems. You are trained. Go and join the Celebration!!!