Adhoc Challenges!!!

Do you want to get read? Do you want to get comments? Do you want to earn fans? Challenges are fun and way to do it. They can break a writer's block, help you to make friends, and give you an opportunity to be seen and read. Take a look today. They are easy. Enjoy yourself.

Please note there are no JFTLOI entries in the voting challenge. Any entry can be a winner. However, there is no reason not to allow your poem to compete. With the new formatted challenges, there is no extra work assigned to the winner. Our Hosts and Moderators take care of everything for you. If you win, all you have to do is bask in the celebration.

To encourage people to vote, we have reduced the maximum poems allows in any challenge to 25. If you submit a poem to a challenge.. PLEASE vote in that challenge. Voting only works if someone votes. Lets work together to make this all happen.

Tell Me When a New Challenge is Opened

-The BRAIN TEASE challenge-read page for rules, info, and word to UNSCRAMBLE
8 7.13Come and VOTE Now
-All Stars Challenge with kajuncutie/Myrna D. (Myrna) -read page for rules, info, and REQUIRED PHRASE
7 12.13Accepting Submissions
-The NO FRILLS CHALLENGE--read page for complete rules and info
12 10.13Accepting Submissions
-The Just For The Love Of It Challenge
12 33.13Accepting Submissions
-Welcome once again to the TAKE FIVE challenge. Read page for RULES, NEW INFO, AND REQUIRED WORDS.
10 60.13Accepting Submissions
- Just For The Love Of It PHRASE Challenge-read page for RULES, NEW INFORMATION, and REQUIRED PHRASE
7 36.13Accepting Submissions
6 36.13Accepting Submissions
-30 Words or Less VOTED challenge--read page for rules and new information
7 105.13Accepting Submissions
-The Quickie Challenge-read page for RULES AND NEW INFORMATION
3 127.13Accepting Submissions
-The BRAIN TEASE challenge-read page for rules, info, and word to UNSCRAMBLE
0 151.13Accepting Submissions

= Winner is offered a place in The Best of Starlite: Love Poetry

Due out by Valentine Day (Feb 14, 2009)

Do you have an idea for a challenge? Share your suggestion

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After you press on a name, you'll enter the challenge, where Starliters have left their poems.

When you enter, there are two red links at the top.

On the right side, is a link to exit. This will return you to this page.

On the left side, there is a link to add your poem to the challenge. When you click it, you can enter a message in the message box and attach one of your last poems.