Challenge Policies
Open Door and Escalation Policy:

Starlite Cafe has an open door policy. However, we ask that you follow these escalation steps for any dispute that may arise regarding poems submitted to Starlite Poetry Challenges.

1) If your concern surrounds a Personal Challenge, then contact that Starlite Poet for resolution. If you don't like the way a Starlite Poet runs their challenge, then we suggest that you open your own Challenges. In a personal challenge, the owner of the challenge has a very free hand. We only get involved when Starlite policies are violated.

2) If the situation resolves a topic that is against Starlite policies, please escalate the issue to Brandy, our Site Administrator.

3) If you feel that the situation still has not been resolved, feel free to contact Steve, owner.

To vote in a challenge, you must be logged on as a registered Starlite Poet

Host of a challenge may enter a poem. However, it will not be included in the voting.

Please note there are no JFTLOI entries in the voting challenge.

A Starliter may host a maximum of 2 personal challenges at a time.

A Challenge must have at least 3 poems entered to select a winner. Challenges with less than the required number of entries will be closed without a winner being selected.

To encourage people to vote, we have reduced the maximum poems allows in any challenge to 15.

Challenge poetry must follow the Starlite Poetry Submission Rules. These submissions rules can be found when you post your poem, but include (but are not limited to)

We cannot allow any material that is or may be considered libelous, obscene, defamatory, sexually explicit, describing any sexual act or displaying full or partial frontal nudity. We also cannot allow any material that is infringing of any third party's intellectual property rights (including copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy) or violation of any law, statute, ordinance or regulation.

We cannot allow any material which promotes racism, death wishes, or other harmful topics. This includes rape, torture, killing, death threats, incest, desires to commit suicide, suicide pacts, pedophillia, self-mutilation, cutting, and plans to do mass murders.

Any material considered by us to violate these rules may be removed at our discretion and without notice.