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The WORD PAINTING Challenge with norman (Norman) .. read page for rules and info

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is silverdawn

Winning Poem

Welcome to the Word Painting Challenge!! Paint your thoughts in words! Now on to the challenge!!!!
PLEASE READ RULES ABOUT BACKGROUND COLORS ALLOWED AND FRILLS THAT ARE NOT ALLOWED!!! Rules: The background color should be one solid color and the font color of your poem should be different, but visible. No different background color behind text is allowed. Music is allowed, but not videos. You are painting a Word Picture for all of us, so no frills. In other words...GRAPHIC BACKGROUNDS OR GRAPHICS ARE NOT ALLOWED! ONE OTHER VERY IMPORTANT RULE---- IF AN ENTRY IS HIDDEN FROM HOST AND/OR MODERATOR'S VIEW, THAT ENTRY IS REMOVED FROM THE CHALLENGE. Have fun and remember to paint us a Word Picture with your words. A note from your challenge moderator... as moderator of this challenge I would like to thank all of you who have participated in the Word Painting challenge.

Your Host: norman

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poem attached

Mark Heathcote
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