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Time for June Flowers

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Winner is deeny107

Winning Poem

Winner is SilverDawn

Winning Poem

Winner is Ann Sullivan

Winning Poem

Times like these I'm determined to be in the garden of my heart looking for the best flowers to make good art. Some shine like diamonds in the skies some are ruby red gems in disguise No matter what they look like they are poetry to me come and celebrate the flowers of Spring with me. welcome to my Challenge of Floral arrangements beauty has not seen a better day.
Host: SuperSlimJim

Poem: Beautiful flowers
Poet: deeny107

Poem: A Flower Cut From Desire
Poet: Mark Heathcote

Message: Hope you enjoy the walk.
Poem: The Seasons
Poet: SilverDawn

Poem: Roses and Babies
Poet: Ann Sullivan


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