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Potpourri of Poetry

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Winner is amcgaha

Winning Poem

Pammy Newsome's directions________"Hi everyone! I have a whole new group of words for you! This challenge is based on the use of a single word chosen from the list below to use in your poem. Note: You may use as many of the words as you want if you are so inclined. Be sure to list the word(s) used at the bottom of your poem. The poem does not have to be about the meaning(s) of the word(s), it merely has to contain the word(s) exactly as they're shown. This, being the only guideline, we should be afforded a potpourri of poetry. I will host this week long challenge but the winner(s) of each challenge have the honor of providing the words for the next challenge. So, let's see what our gift of words and magic pens can do!" ***** ...ABSORB...BLOOMING...CLEVERLY...DIGNITY... FORTIFY...FRINGE...GIVING...GUARANTEE...INFLUENCE...LIGHT...STRENGTH... TOAST.***** Starlite poets; a sincere thank you to everyone participating. Congratulations Cherry and another sincere thank you for providing potpourri of poetry words for this next week. As our friends would say, you are all winners, best wishes! Hope for beauty and a meaningful week :) for new and old friends with Starlite love, hugs and blessings ...
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Colored in Crimson
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