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The Shape of a Poem

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Winner is Debera

Winning Poem

A number of you inquired after a form I used recently. Because I tend to 'tweak' things to suit myself,it is ALMOST a Quatern but with more than the strictly 8 syllables per line rule. OK. It is an old French refrain poetry form with 4 stanzas and the first line repeats through each stanza, just moving lower in each stanza. In stanza 2 it appears as line 2. In stanza 3 it appears as line 3 and in stanza 4 it is line 4. Check out my poem "Spring's Herald" in Sally's challenge. See how many brave takers we get for this challenge,hey? Now the same rules apply as for any other of my challenges. Keep it squeaky clean and please don't use ANY backgrounds. I won't penalise you for using too many syllables but backgrounds...well, that's another story. Come on, give it a go. I challenge you.
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Myrna D.
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