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Jumping in again

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Winner is girlsisy

Winning Poem

There was once a challenge called 'The Jump In' and I really liked it, so I wanted to attempt a challenge similar to that one. Here it is: I challenge you to create a poem that is 6 lines only ~ with each line containing up to 15 words or less. The phrase that is given is to be used exactly as it is written somewhere within the 6 lines that are the body of the poem. Feel free to use any background that you like; and use any style or color font that you wish. So long as the fonts are able to be read against the background. For example if you use a dark background, please use a lighter font. You can write about any subject or topic that you like, but let's try to keep it clean, okay? Have fun and show me what you got! Phrase to be used: "Sometimes I feel"
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