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If I had a million dollars

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Winner is Mariannajo

Winning Poem

Please write the phrase in the body of the poem. If I had a million dollars Just tell us perhaps what you would do with a Million dollars, now you may have a million, but I'M far away from that anxious to read these wonderful writes I just know they will be great
Host: deeny107

Poem: My Million Dollars
Poet: deeny107

Message: hope this is ok.
Poem: If I Had A Million Dollars
Poet: just_little_me

Poem: Million Dollar GiveAway
Poet: JacieStralkoDuca

Message: Thank you for your comment.
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: Hi My Starlite friends and other Poets . I pray you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Poem: Million Dollars
Poet: Thecraig

Message: just my opinion
Poem: A million dollar wall
Poet: marvin goldfarb

Message: There you go Deen
Poem: If I had a million dollars
Poet: Slightlyslimer

Message: Thanks for taking the time to read -Crimson
Poem: If I had a million dollars
Poet: Colored in Crimson

Poem: Easy Street
Poet: Mariannajo


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