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Someone who is close to me

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Winner is Sallee

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Winner is Ann Sullivan

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Winner is Brokenangel79

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Winner is JacieStralkoDuca

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Ok children listen up, the previous challenge I had was a bomber, Brandy and I worked to try to get it fixed, however we will have to wait it out then it will be back again I'm really sorry about this, but here is one in the mean time until we get that one back. Just write about someone who is close to me doesn't have to be in the body just write about it love you looking forward to reading all the lovely poems
Host: deeny107

Poem: Friends and Family
Poet: deeny107

Message: To support your challene and honour our beloved Danielle.
Poem: Special Sailor, Close To My Heart
Poet: Sallee

Message: Thank you for your comment.
Poem: You Need to Know

Message: Not a recent poem. Hope it is okay for entry. thank you for all your comments and the book marks. I treasure them all.
Poem: My Little Mercedes
Poet: Ann Sullivan

Poem: I Miss You Grandma
Poet: Brokenangel79

Message: Thanks for just even a few prayers for him friends
Poem: Still Searching
Poet: JacieStralkoDuca


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