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Potpourri of Poetry

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Winner is blujeans

Winning Poem

Good day poets! Thank you so much to all poets that brought poems last week. It was a pleasant surprise! Congratulations to Mariannajo for the winning poem last week! Thank you Marianna for providing the inspiration words for this week! Poets, choose as many of the words from the list below as you would like and write a poem. Feel free to dress up your poetry with graphics and music. You must use at least one word from list and list the chosen words at the bottom of your page. Thank you for supporting this challenge with your fantastic poetry! You are all winners indeed! *** CLARITY~HOUSE~MAZE~UNWIND~DREAM~SCOUT~DAZE~FRAME~UNTIE~GREAT~ENRICH~ FORTH.*** Please try to comment on poetry if possible and return to vote. I plan to comment at or near the close of the challenge. Have a wonderful week poetry friends!
Host: Debera

Message: thanks for comments
Poem: Riminessing
Poet: deeny107

Message: A true tale this time...🤗
Poem: Once Upon aDream
Poet: Sallee

Poem: Im Searching
Poet: Mariannajo

Message: My entry Have a good read!
Poem: The House Is The Frame Work Of Love?
Poet: Slightlyslimer

Message: Thank you for your comment.
Poem: His Country Bride

Message: welcome to my day dream.
Poem: My Day Dream
Poet: Ann Sullivan

Message: Thanks Deb for inspiring me to try to write again
Poet: hollydar

Message: For you, & blessings...
Poem: In Dreams Fantasy
Poet: cherryk

Message: little something
Poem: clear again
Poet: girlsisy


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