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Fast Challenge~~PRAYERS

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is Sallee

Winning Poem

My Challenge to you is Fast Challenge. You will have 48 hours to submit your poem before voting begins. Please choose one of the Prayers/Titles below and use it in the body of your poem. Use as many as you want, but you must use at least one. I know you'll all come up with something wonderful! 1.I say a little prayer 2.In the name of the Father 3.A prayer for our troops 4.Dear God 5.Hands held in prayer 6.A prayer for my sister/brother 7.A prayer for my son/daughter 8.A prayer for my mother/father 9.A prayer for my grandparents 10.A prayer for my niece/nephew 11.A prayer with a candle in the window 12.A Heavenly prayer 13.A prayer of love 14.A prayer of joy you bring 15.A prayer of peace 16.On the wings of a prayer 17.Pray for me 18.a prayer of loving hope 19.a prayer on bended knee 20.a prayer of hope, love and happiness 21.join me in prayer 22.a Starlite prayer 23.sending a prayer to heaven 24.each day begins with prayer 25.a prayer for the homeless 26.a prayer for my friend 27.prayers, blessings and love to you are the answer to my prayer 29.a child's prayer 30.a blessed prayer 31.bless me Father 32.a holy prayer 33.a loving prayer 34.candles shining beautiful in prayer 35.a gift of light 36.heavenly Father 37.His amazing grace 38.prayer for our children 39. the serenity prayer 40.the Lord's prayer

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