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Ice Cream Truck

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Winner is cherryk

Winning Poem

For the first time this year the ice cream truck visited our neighbourhood. I love the music they resound for miles ...and brings people running. In this challenge Iím asking you to write about an ice cream truck . Make it fun and light... thank you to all who choose to join in.
Host: Sallee

Message: In Canada, the Ice Cream Truck, was fondly referred to as The Good Humour Man.
Poem: Good Humour Man
Poet: Debera

Poem: wow good ole days
Poet: deeny107

Message: My example...however I see two great ones already posted. Everyone is invited to join the fun.
Poem: No Resistance
Poet: Sallee

Message: Hope this is ok Thanks for any comments
Poem: Here Comes the Ice-Cream Man.
Poet: just_little_me

Message: Just had to join in Sally...... What a memory you brought back for me. ~Jacie~
Poem: 4 Wheels Of Delicious
Poet: JacieStralkoDuca

Poem: The ice cream truck
Poet: Mark Heathcote

Message: Thank you for your comment.
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: Love & blessings...
Poem: Cupboard Love
Poet: cherryk


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