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Triumphal Homecoming

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is Eternal Singer

Winning Poem

Your Hostess: cherrykc(Cherry)

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"triumphal homecoming"

Tomfoollery, the winner of FOS, “In the Aura of My Final Bow” is unable to host.
Cherry has graciously consented to step up and host FOS this week. Thank you Cherry!

Cherry asks that you use her phrase above and bring your best poetry written in your favorite form.
Simply write a poem using the phrase above and be sure to state the form of poetry you use on the face of your poem (all poems not labeled by the end of the challenge will be removed from the thread prior to challenge end and/or not considered by the host as eligible to win) .

The winner of AFG is decided by the Host. The Host picks the winner, and that winner is the host of the new challenge. Challenge ends on October 13th or upon reaching 25 poems entered.

Remember to use "Forum" view above to access general posts as well as entries!

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