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Paint With Words So that I might see- With kajuncutie

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is cherryk

Winning Poem

As many know I am visually challenged and have been since early infancy.
I have been fortunate over the years to have family and friends who have been
able to paint with words those things I do not see well, such as a sunset, sunrise,
rainbows, flowers blooming, horizons and skyscapes, etc.
Pretend I am sitting with you enjoying the day and there is a moment
so beautiful that you wish
make me see it... let me enjoy it too. It can be a person, place, or thing...
it can be whatever! Just let me see it with you!

Myrna D asks that you'paint with words so I might see' !
Put your poetry or prose word pictures on paper in and post it here!
You do not have to use the phrase in your poem!

This challege will close March 19, or after the first 50 poems posted.
Remember to use "Forum" view above to access general posts as well as entries

Begin: Now

Your Hostess: Myrna D

Message: Jesus is my Saviour. I want all to know Him. I hope you know Him. With love. Your friend, Al
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: A sad picture but true, Hope it is not too upsetting bern
Poem: Aged.
Poet: bern

Message: A poem for your Paint that I may see Challenge~Fran
Poem: Tattoo My Soul
Poet: insync

Message: I have not painted the prettiest of scenes but some people are menserized by Flames. I hope I have painted them vividly enough to catch your eye
Poem: Flames- A repost
Poet: jollynoblefrog

Message: Myrna.. I am not sure this is the type of poem you want. I am posting here just in case it is..Floreann
Poem: Sweet Joy
Poet: floreann_cawley

Message: enjoy this day, I hope it melts in your mouth!
Poem: ninety nine ninety nines!
Poet: starburst43

Message: My entry to you challenge Myrna, its entitled "Thru my Eyes". I hope you enjoy this, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your challenge. ~~~Poison~~~
Poet: poison_9901

Message: This was me trying to be vivid with sadness ,dont know if an emotion counts
Poem: I Cannot Explain.
Poet: sunlight

Message: Myrna. Here is my poem for your wonderful phrase
Poem: Paint the skies
Poet: starlight1

Poem: The Positive Painter
Poet: creativity5363

Message: This is my first challenge. I hope that I am doing this right! *grins* Hope this piece is acceptable. Thanks! ~Jessica~
Poem: The Funeral
Poet: jr_lewis

Message: This is my entry into the challenge...Thank you for reading and commenting in advance...Josie xoxo
Poem: Grecian Paradise.
Poet: josephine1166

Poem: Lets Kiss and Dance In The Rain
Poet: b_hummingbird

Message: Thank you for reading my poem
Poem: Stop, Look and Listen
Poet: rosieswords

Message: My little offering
Poem: Perspective
Poet: devilzadvocate

Message: Im not sure if this is what you wanted but here my try on this.
Poem: Painting with Colors
Poet: tinyteddy

Message: I love butterflies and therefore decided to show you the beauty I see in each one.
Poem: The Butterfly
Poet: vikingbutterfly

Message: I used this in an earlier challenge, but to my mind, the picture of loss and despair is very vivid. I hope it is for you as well.
Poem: Somethings Missing
Poet: khellendos

Message: Myrna...well kiddo, you asked for a painting...lol...here is my entry
Poem: In Dreams Meadow
Poet: ew_richardson

Message: Hello, Myrna. This is something that I want to share, simply because I like it. Smiles to you, Mai
Poem: A study of stillness
Poet: chikalatina

Message: My approach...to see with your heart
Poem: The Color of Love
Poet: grayowl

Poet: loveangelique

Message: I am so enjoying these challenges. What fun. Love and blessings...Cherry
Poem: Dawning Morning
Poet: cherrykc

Message: I just could not resist this challenge - forgive the dark mood of the piece... :)
Poem: Deceptions Danse Macabre
Poet: michaeldragon

Message: I hope that you will like this one
Poem: Shadows of Darkness
Poet: tobiejo

Message: wrote a sonnet of spring just for this challenge...hope you like it and that my words bring a vision..(smiles)
Poem: colors of spring
Poet: dawa

Message: I hope this is kinda what you are looking for but here it is a lil on the late side but from my eyes to yours *smiles
Poet: vrider

Message: this is a very passionate poem i wrote.. enjoy
Poem: Secrets of Eden
Poet: nebet_aset


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