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Once again we are seeking your best love poems in this challenge!

We love LOVE more and more after each poem you write.

This week we have a guest host bringing us the new phrase, Brampton MC (Michael). He has brought us a lovely phrase! You must use the phrase below in your poem...

"with my heart you must"

This phrase MUST be used EXACTLY as given in the body of the poem.

Your poem MUST be an expression of romantic love, reflecting love between your life mate, a soul mate, or couple love and will qualify for this challenge ONLY if it is indicative of such romantic love.
Older poems are indeed welcome.

This Challenge will close January 19th or upon reaching the limit of first 25 poems posted.

Any poem that does not reflect a tone of romantic love and does not use the given phrase correctly and within the body of the poem will be removed from
the thread prior to voting.
Only one poem per poet will be accepted.

The winning poem will be offered a place in The Best of Starlite Love Poetry book

Your Host: bramptonMC (Michael)


Remember every Starlite member can open their own challenges. These challenges can be opened to all of Starlite or to only your friends. You Decide!