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What Does a Friend Mean to You

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is C. Steven Blue

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Winner is TinyTeddy

Winning Poem

Winner is cherryk

Winning Poem

For this challenge Spirit_traveler invites you to write
in verse your thoughts about friendship.

Write your poem using "Spirit_traveler's" theme
“What does a friend mean to you.”
This is a theme based challenge, however you may use these
words in your poem if you wish.

We look forward to reading your poems.

This challenge will close April 18 or after 50 poems posted.

Please use "Forum" view above to access general posts!

Any Poem that does not meet the criteria given for this
challenge will be removed from the thread prior to voting.

Your Host: Spirit_traveler
Leah Ross

Poem: True Friends
Poet: creativity5363

Message: Being a true friend, to me, is giving a helping hand to the person who needs help; not expecting nothing in return. We should be willing to give as well as receive. God bless you all, my friends. Al
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: Friends are like a bridge over troubled waters they see us through troubled times in life.
Poem: A True friend...
Poet: spirit_traveler

Message: Tis an earlier post but thought would fit the bill. Thanks for taking the time to read it.
Poem: Angels on Earth
Poet: scheherizade

Message: This is my entry into the challenge and dedicated to all my beautiful friends online...Thank you for reading and commenting in advance...Josie xoxox
Poem: The Pearls To My Oysters. ( My Friends )
Poet: josephine1166

Poem: Friends forever
Poet: buggles

Message: One of my favorite Stories from The Old Testament. [If not in fact my favorite ;) ]
Poem: David and Jonathan
Poet: jones

Message: True friendship does not come along very often so it is very special when you find it!
Poem: A True Friend
Poet: darlene_hylton

Message: This poem shows how i see friends as angels.
Poet: chaz

Poet: chaz

Poem: Sharing Together
Poet: tinyteddy

Message: This is dedicated to all my friends that God has blessed me with!
Poem: A True Friend Has The Biggest Heart
Poet: pkriegel

Message: My offering on What Does a Friend Mean To You.
Poem: If I Could, I Would
Poet: mistymaiden

Message: This is about one of my best friends emily.
Poem: The piece to my puzzle
Poet: caughtinthedark

Message: I wrote this a few months back and changed it some for the challenge.
Poem: True friends
Poet: angelacontreras

Message: a lowly scribble to share, aloha!
Poem: silent, unwritten...
Poet: crossedrifles

Message: What my friends mean to me. Brenda
Poem: The gift of a friend
Poet: badmac

Message: Friends are few and seldom, more often then not this poem expresses my experience with those who i (did) call friends.
Poem: Pariah
Poet: khellendos

Message: This poem is to all the poets I met when coming to Starlite. Thanks.
Poem: Around The Bend I Found a Friend
Poet: poetic_muses

Message: My poem for this challenge..Thank you for having me..
Poem: What Is A Friend
Poet: girlsisy

Message: I hope you are broad minded.
Poem: I dreamed of Plymouth by the Sea
Poet: assisi

Message: Well I hope this one fits the challenge
Poem: A True Friend (Repost)
Poet: darla1

Message: Froggie wants to tell you about one of her Starlite friends. I hope you will enjoy it.
Poem: My Friend -Mary Ann
Poet: jollynoblefrog

Message: Friendship...
Poet: c_steven_blue

Message: This is a poem that i like, so im going to give it a shot,who knows i could win
Poem: Friends
Poet: angelmac

Poet: loveangelique

Message: Friends are like family to me and no where have I found more loving friends than here on the Starlite. That is why I wrote this a while back in dedication to one and all ^j^
Poet: mary_anne

Poet: chaz

Poem: Friends Forever
Poet: candysears

Message: I loved this challenge because friendship is very precious to me. I reckon if a friend is worth making, they are also worth keeping. Love and blessings...Cherry
Poem: Fair Dinkum Friend
Poet: cherrykc

Message: My entry to tis challenge..thanks
Poem: I ve Got A Friend
Poet: dream_girl

Poet: hope

Poem: Continued Togetherness (Challenge Poem )
Poet: hope

Message: This is a tribute to one of the best friends I ever had. It may not be eligible since the corpus was authored by somone else. I am submitting it anyway for Bear.
Poem: Just A Dog
Poet: gabrielle_s

Poem: (to a friend) To Late
Poet: staz

Message: Misty
Poem: Misty, My Friend
Poet: southernl3elle

Message: Friends are gifts from God. Debby
Poem: Sincerely Yours, My Friend
Poet: debbystevensedw

Poem: Wildewind, I have a Friend In You.
Poet: b_hummingbird

Message: I thank you for taking the time to read my words.
Poet: blueswolf

Message: hope this will be okay...A previous written poem.~~Tear~~
Poem: My Best Friend
Poet: tearofanangel

Message: love the theme so offer my thoughts on friendship...thanks for reading...~R~
Poem: Warm Fuzzies
Poet: rosieswords

Message: Hope you like it.
Poem: In Spite Of Everything
Poet: lottie457

Message: My entry is long but I think it is worth the read,It tells of the love and devotion I have for my friend.Blessings to you all....~Angel~
Poem: My Dear Beautiful Friend
Poet: angelswhispers

Message: Here is mine but, it is JFTLOI. What does a Friend mean to me! She is a smile when I am sad! He is jokes to make me glad! She is a hand I can grab on to. He is a heart that will see me threw! When times that we fight! We talk it over to make it right! Yes, a friend is all of these, and to my heart they have the key! By Marsha Neuschwanter
Poet: thepoetme

Message: Thank you for reading
Poem: Friendship
Poet: starlight1

Message: Here is my poem. Its simple but from my heart. Its JFTFOI.
Poem: What does a Friend mean to me!
Poet: thepoetme


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