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Welcome to journal week again! It's your choice this week! Any length poem goes. Just write as if were recording an entry into your journal using all ten words given.
Anything goes; love poems, funny poems, short, long...your choice, just use all ten words given this week!

This weeks words:

Half – Happened - Higher – Hope - Hotel - Horse - However – House - Human - Husband

Words may be used with or by adding ed, ing, ly ect. as long as the root word remains the same.

The challenge will close September 25th or upon reaching 15 poems posted. Only one poem per poet is allowed in this challenge

Any Poem that does not meet the criteria given for this challenge. will be removed from the thread prior to voting.


Remember every Starlite member can open their own challenges. These challenges can be opened to all of Starlite or to only your friends. You Decide!