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Ten Word
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This challenge has been closed.

Winner is alwaysmywords

Winning Poem

Welcome to the Ten Word Challenge! Please read carefully!

This week we will try something new to ten word! Simply choose ten words of your own liking… no more, no less and using all ten words write a poem.
You MUST list the words you chose to use at the end of your post. If they are not listed, the poem will be removed before voting.

Words may be used with added ending such as ing, ed, ly, ect..

The challenge will close April 16th, or after 15 poems posted

Ten word is a site wide challenge...therefore all poems entered must be open for all to view in order to have a fair vote.
Any Poem that does not meet the criteria given for this challenge will be removed from the thread prior to voting.

Guest hostess hhazlett26 (Heather)

Message: This is about the joys and sorrows of life
Poet: leiloni

Poem: listless
Poet: dawa

Message: Hi Heather! Got a little story with a moral for you. Good luck everyone! Pam :)
Poem: The Kings Nuts
Poet: Adele Kaye

Message: Hi Heather Well I tried.
Poem: Love,Jealousy,Anger
Poet: jimsmith

Message: Hi Heather. Here is my entry. Thanks for any comments you may leave. Rose
Poem: Love of my life
Poet: starlight1

Message: Here you go Heather Go Lightly.
Poem: Simple Fix
Poet: alwaysmywords

Message: True story. lol hugs, Norma
Poem: First and Last Hunting Trip
Poet: mistymaiden

Message: While I can not write s love poem like you Let me bring you one writen from a seniors point of view at leadst it may make you smile
Poem: Loves Old Sweet Song
Poet: jollynoblefrog

Message: Guess what my poem is about? (smiling real big)
Poem: Alayna Renee
Poet: morning_song

Message: Thought to try something different yet familiar as inspiration. Smiles, love and blessings...Cherry
Poem: Through The Valley
Poet: cherrykc

Message: Thank you for your comments. Bless you my friends
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: Tried a little something
Poem: Take Time to Know
Poet: fyahphoenix

Message: a little something to support this challenge sweet sistah!
Poem: Just a Thought
Poet: blind_poet


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