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All Star Challenge Journey Back In Time

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is cherryk

Winning Poem

This challenge is open to Starliters who have won at least four
voting challenges.
Your challenge theme has provided by sirens~song ( Jade)..
Jade was winner of Grayowl's All Star Challenge.
Let's make her welcome by using her theme below in your poems

" Journey Back In Time "

She would like to know: Is there a time period that you thought
invigorating, romantic, full of mystery, or do you have a hero or
someone or some place you have always fantasized about?
The door is open, get in your time capsule and go back.
Write your heart out BUT there is a twist: you have to make
the reader feel as though you are that person or character,
in that place at that time. Get your ink bottles, parchment and
quills or rocks and chisels and have fun!
All poems should be written in the first person and in the present tense!
Poems that do not comply with the theme will become ineligible and will be
removed if not amended.
We encourage each entrant to read the work of others in this challenge and
any other challenge he might enter.
This challenge will close May 24, or upon reaching 25 poems posted.
Older poems are welcome as long as they meet the challenge theme.

Your Host: sirens~song

Message: The best two years of my life, I will always remember them with heart felt memories. It was the chanch of a life time, and We spent two wonderful years there. I thank God and Uncle Sam for this years.
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: The time before European invasion of this country must have been quite wonderful. It may have been as I have written for one of my ancestors. Love and blessings...Cherry
Poem: I, Nardoona
Poet: cherrykc

Message: Ok..here is the new one..hopefully this on is ok..if not I give up..lol Hugs~ Linda
Poem: Back to the Eighties
Poet: privatedancer

Message: I just had to share my good news, so here is a repost, with an epilogue.
Poem: Letter From Jennifer
Poet: morning_song

Message: This is a great theme Jade. Thank you... In the early 19th century, a nobel Indonesian daughter of royalty is given as a gift to a visiting businessman. Thanks to all who read... Steven ;-)}
Poet: c_steven_blue

Message: I hope this will be a fitting poem nice theme
Poet: vrider

Message: Jade. my friend here is my entry for you. Hugs Brenda
Poem: A Journey to the unknown
Poet: badmac

Message: This is from a time in my life when everything seemed a mystery yet rich in romance...I found myself in the middle of a -faery- tale..I truly hope this suits this challenge theme!
Poet: blind_poet

Message: I have always liked the idea of being a bard...telling stories and reciting verse to a group of travellers at an inn or roadhouse...
Poem: By the River Avonleigh
Poet: ew_richardson

Message: I am not sure if this qualifies but thought it might come close. Thanks for reading. Hugz~Mel
Poem: MOMMA DID YOU CRY? (1890 - 1973)
Poet: darkdeer

Poem: Encarcerated Heart
Poet: tinyteddy


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