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Tuning Up

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is alwaysmywords

Winning Poem

Welcome challenge lovers.Won't you join us again in our music challenge!
All you have to do is choose a midi from the list provided here at starlite

Use that midi ‘s title as your phrase in the body of your poem.

You must use this midi as background music when posting your poem

You must also list the midi on the face of your poem.
Easy huh? Well give it a go and let’s see.
You may write about anything as long as the midi’s title is used in the body of the poem.
Let's see what you can come up with.
Only one poem per poet will be accepted in this challenge.

This challenge ends June 2nd or upon reaching 15 entries.

Tuning Up is a site wide challenge...therefore all poems entered must be open for all to view! This will allow the host to make a fair choice of winner. (or all starlite to vote fairly) If your poem is hidden it will not be considered for a win and will be removed without notice.

Your Host: Rosieswords

Adele Kaye
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Remember every Starlite member can open their own challenges. These challenges can be opened to all of Starlite or to only your friends. You Decide!