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AnyFORM Goes: "while contemplating nature..."

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Your Hostess: Marianna Jo

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"while contemplating nature..."

Marianna would like you to use the phrase above and bring your best poetry written in your favorite form.
Simply write a poem using the phrase above and be sure to state the form of poetry you use on the face of your poem (all poems not labeled by the end of the challenge will be removed from the thread prior to challenge end and/or not considered by the host as eligible to win) .

For this challenge, we encourage you to write in a structured form of your choice. While free verse or free rhyming verse is completely acceptable, FOS is a place to expand and grow your poetic skill set! You can also check out the Free Verse Challenge.

The winner of AFG is decided by the Host. The Host picks the winner, and that winner is the host of the new challenge. Challenge ends on July 26th or upon reaching 15 poems entered.

If you enter a hosted challenge, please be sure to check back for the host's decision. You will have 24 hours to respond, or we will grant hosting privileges to the runner up. AnyFORM Goes is a site wide challenge...therefore all poems entered must be open for all to view! This will allow the host to make a fair choice of winner! If your poem is hidden it will not be considered by the host.

Have you labeled your poem with the form used? ..

Poem: The Reply
Poet: alwaysmywords

Message: Congratulations Marianna. Thank you friends for your comments. Bless you.
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: You sure have been coming up with some hum dinger phrases, Mariannajo! LOL
Poem: Contemplating Nature
Poet: Adele Kaye

Message: Thanks so much for your contest, and thanks ahead of time for all your wonderful comments, sincerely, Jean.
Poet: jean_e_ward

Message: Enjoy! Smiles, love and blessings...Cherry
Poem: Of Creation
Poet: cherrykc

Message: a humble scribble dear friend for your challenge. aloha!
Poem: vermillion tapestry..
Poet: crossedrifles

Message: It is so strange that I was contemplating nature as I started reading about this challenge. I am new at this, so everyone bear with me as I wade through. Thank you, Larry
Poem: My Lake Sights
Poet: leakimo

Message: I know just making it as usual! Congrats on your win! This is a combo of 3 Rime Royales!
Poem: Gifted Sights
Poet: hhazlett26


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