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Free Verse with Cherry Connett

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Winner is AlwaysMyWords

Winning Poem

Your Host: Cherry (cherrykc)

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Please join me and welcome Cherry as our free verse host this week! Please use the phrase below for this challenge:

"sad fluting of crickets"

Let’s give our host some great poetry this week using the phrase!

A brief definition of Free verse: Poetry composed of either rhymed or non-rhyming lines that have no set meter.
The winner of Free Verse is decided by your host and will host the next Free Verse challenge.

This challenge will end at the date and time above (top left corner) or after the first 15 poems posted. One poem per poet will be allowed in this challenge.

Free Verse is a site wide challenge...therefore all poems entered must be open for all to view! This will allow the host to make a fair choice of winner. If your poem is hidden it will not be considered by the host.
If you enter a hosted challenge, please be sure to check back for the host's decision.
You will have 24 hours to respond, or we will grant hosting privileges to the runner up.

Message: Welcome Cherry as this weeks host. I have a poem that will be regarded as sad by some and insightful/hopeful by others. Your sad fluting of crickets made me do it! Uh huh, yes they did! Pam :)
Poem: The Art Of Dying
Poet: Adele Kaye

Message: Congratulations Cherry. Thank you friends for your comments. Bless you.
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: Cherry, You come up with a dandy! Hope you like my entry. Thanks for hosting. Good luck to all. Hugs Johanna
Poem: Calls of the Crickets
Poet: johanna266

Poem: Sad Fluting Of Crickets
Poet: mariannajo

Message: here for you missy cheery is my addition i hope you like it might be ready for americas got talent lmao ! all comments welcome thanks! sdm092
Poem: Summer strikes up a band into Fall
Poet: lynn

Message: Lobbing one over the fence to you guys...
Poem: In The Gloaming
Poet: bronzedragon

Message: Hi Thee Cherry.. Thought I would throw in a litte write to sweeten up the pot a bit Hope you enjoy it.
Poet: jollynoblefrog

Poem: Watching The River Run
Poet: jollynoblefrog

Message: Per your request my friend.
Poem: Will There Be a Dawn?
Poet: alwaysmywords

Message: Congrats on hosting Cherry and thanks for the invite and look I am even early! Hope you enjoy my take on your phrase!
Poem: Autumn Serenade
Poet: hhazlett26

Message: Hello, been gone for awhile, but would like to add a poem to eh challenge. Got to urge to write again.
Poem: Grandfather
Poet: epithet

Message: great phrase here!
Poem: Even...
Poet: duffallen


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