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What's My Line

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is poetalthomas

Winning Poem

Winner is alwaysmywords

Winning Poem

Welcome To "What's My Line"

#1. The first person to post a poem in this challenge may submit any poem they choose, as long as it follows Starlite posting guidelines.

#2.All entries, after the first poem, must borrow a line from a poem that is posted in the challenge.

#3.Once you have selected the line to use, you will tag it in the comment sections of BOTH your poem and the poem you borrowed the line from. (eg; I tag line 9, The sun slowly sank in the west.)

#4.Once a line is taken it cannot be used again. This means to compete in this game you will be giving permission for others to use your line or lines.

#5.All poems must have a comment box so others can tag their lines.

#6.You will be given 16 hours to vote on the winner. Providing I enter all the info correct!!

Poems may be new or old, and it does not matter how many challenges it as been in, is in, or has won.

The winner or winners will receive the winning banner displayed at the bottom of the page to be placed on their winning poem!!

The first to post has the advantage!! Good Luck to ALL and HAVE FUN!!

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Adele Kaye
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