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LPQ's Candy Heart Challenge

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Winner is Caprichos

Winning Poem

Hi Everyone! I had what I think is a great idea for a special LPQ's LOVE challenge. My challenge to you is to come up with a phrase for a Candy Heart the phrase you choose must ONLY be 2 lines with NO MORE THAN 4 letters per line!! Commonly used phrase examples: "BE MINE" "TRUE LOVE" I want to see how creative you can get!! Please use your Candy Heart saying in your poem (which can be of any length). Please be sure to note your candy heart phrase at the bottom of your poem!! I send you "MANY HUGS" and wish you the best of luck!!! :o) LPQ (I have attempted to simplify the challenge description I didn't mean to get all complicated LOL!!)
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Adele Kaye
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