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What I like to write about...

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When certain challenges appear to fill slowly and others quickly, it begs the question... 'What do people want to write about most?' Let me see if this wide open challenge produces any single theme or subject in it's entries. Oh yes, before I forget... thank you for taking part!
Host: Tomfoollery

Message: Thank you for this challenge Tom. I hope you like what I like to write about. Brandy :)
Poem: With You, I bloom
Poet: brandyischarmed

Message: just a thought on what I consider to be be good poetic themes
Poem: A Better World
Poet: jollynoblefrog

Message: Well...its hard to pick one thing but this is at the top of what I like to write about :)
Poem: Vital Canvas
Poet: tinyteddy

Message: You really put me to test on this one, Tom...
Poem: Being Specific Unspecifically
Poet: Adele Kaye

Message: Tom I love history. This is one of the stories I love to write about. Thanks so for this awesome challenge. Jean.
Poem: Mr. Lincolns Tolerance
Poet: jean_e_ward

Message: Tom, Here is my entry for your challenge. Hope you like it. All visitors and comments are welcome. Good luck and God bless all. Hugs Johanna
Poem: Life, Dreams and Love
Poet: johanna266

Poem: Mate
Poet: lemonrose

Message: This might be just a little **Sappy ** but this is what I like to write about!
Poem: I Finally Found you
Poet: poetreeguy2

Message: Thanks for this wonderful challenge Tom. Hope my poem is ok for your challenge. Happy Valentines day. Thanks for your comments my friends. Rose
Poem: For you mom
Poet: starlight1

Message: Hey works out I can have about 20 minutes per day on the office computer ao here are my 20 minutes worth for the day. Smiles, love and blessings...Cherry
Poem: Not Mine
Poet: cherrykc


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