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Word Painting with dazedforever

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is elfquest

Winning Poem

In this challenge we are going to ask that you delve into your wealth of talent and compose for us your best poetry describing a place you have been, or an image in your mind.

"The catch…you MAY NOT use a graphic (photo or artwork or Starlite provided floaties) or graphic background (neither of the two black backgrounds nor any of the offered graphic backgrounds on Starlite are allowed)... you must go to the drop down menu above the offered backgrounds and choose black) or a font generated graphic to help you along. Your poem must be posted on an ENTIRELY SOLID BLACK PAGE (not just the background behind the words) with white lettering (this includes poem and its title). Music IS allowed in this challenge.
This SHOULD be a total word picture you have painted for us.

This challenge will close on the date and time posted above or when it has reached its limit of 15 entries.

Only one poem allowed per poet. If you enter a hosted challenge, please be sure to check back for the host's decision. Also if you enter a hosted challenge please make sure there is contact information available for the moderator. You will have 24 hours to respond, or we will grant hosting privileges to the runner up. If the host does not vote a winner will be chosen for them by the moderator.

Any Poem that does not meet the criteria given for this challenge will be removed from the thread prior to voting. If time allows, modifications will be asked for. If time does not allow, entry will be removed. Any poem not modified before closing will be removed from the challenge. A note from your challenge moderator... as moderator of this challenge I would like to thank all of you who have participated in the Word Painting challenge. I do always try to comment on all entries but if I do not please understand I am having some major issues with my eyes and my Starlite time is cut a bit shorter than I'd like.. but I do read every entry and each of you are appreciated very much!

Your Host: dazedforever

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Adele Kaye
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