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You Wanna Choka?

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Winner is Desert Knave

Winning Poem

You may wanna choka the hostess before you get through, but it's really easy. Please try and write me a choka. I am re-posting one I wrote a week or so ago as example. The Choka is a traditional form of Japanese poetry that alternates lines of 5 and 7 syllables. Unusually for Japanese forms, the Choka can be a very long piece if so desired. The poem is followed by a single additional line of 7 syllables, called an envoi, which is usually a summary of the poem in a single line. With this form, the poem is in effect an extended Tanka, which has a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable structure. The difference with Choka is that you can have as many alternating 5-7-5-7 lines as you like before the final 7 syllable line, but the poem must always end with a 7 syllable line, plus the envoi of 7 syllables, so that the poem always has a couplet of two 7 syllable lines at the end. There is no limit to number of lines as long as they follow the 5-7 syllable rule until the last three lines which would be 5-7-7. Some of you may be aware that there are other variations to this form as it has evolved over time into the modern Choka. Are you game? Are you challenged? Let me see...Smiles, love & blessings...Cherry
Host: cherryk

Message: My example for the choka form...see, it is really simple. Smiles, love & blessings...Cherry
Poem: Doncha Wanna Choka
Poet: cherrykc

Message: Is this what you`re looking for Cherry? Thank you friends for your comments. Bless you I hop you all had a happy new year`s day.
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: Where my thoughts have been lately.
Poem: Solitude
Poet: desert_knave

Message: Hi Cherry dear Happy New Year
Poem: Old moon
Poet: lemonrose

Message: NO CHOKA
Poet: marvin_goldfarb

Message: Hi Cherry. I hope I did this right..Big hugs and God bless.
Poem: Life, love and hotdogs
Poet: gentlewind

Message: Thought I might try to post for your challenge, Cherry! I hope this sounds okay. Pam :)
Poem: When Its Oer and Done.....
Poet: Adele Kaye

Poem: Willing Deference
Poet: alwaysmywords

Message: Thank You Cherry for your invitation to what appeared at first to be a lot of work, but was actually more fun than I imagined it would be. Good luck to all. Blessings, Robert Edgar Burns (Rob)
Poet: reb0214

Message: Here is how I see love. Enjoy my friends.
Poem: Soulful Eyes
Poet: amazing_kate

Message: Hope this meet the form requirements
Poem: Do Wop Diddy Diddy Baby
Poet: jimbo5357

Message: Thanks for this challenge my dear sis Cherry. I am not sure if I did the form right or not. I tried. Hope you like it. Godbless. Rose
Poem: Precious memories of you
Poet: starlight1

Message: So glad I arrived in time you know I love writing in form poetry! Here is my Choka and I loved writing it!
Poem: Trust In Song
Poet: hhazlett26


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