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Homonyms...Words, Spelling and Meaning

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Winning Poem

homomorphism homonymous hom·o·nym audio (hm-nm, hm-) KEY NOUN: One of two or more words that have the same sound and often the same spelling but differ in meaning, such as bank (embankment) and bank (place where money is kept). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Writing poems with homonyms can be fun. It is not too hard, come on, it can be done. You don`t have to climb a bank. You won`t withdraw from a bank. Run fingers through hair and with these words run!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Words that are spelled alike with different meanings, Or, words that sound alike, but have a different spelling:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Type the words you use at the end of your poem.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you so much. Have fun.
Host: poetalthomas

Message: Here`s my example. Please read it to know how to do your poem. Thank you so much and have fun.
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: Ok Al. You are challenging really good. Thanks for the wonderful challenge and the invite and I hope you like this one.
Poem: A whimsical analogy
Poet: empresspoetess

Message: OK, asked for it! Smiles, love & blessings...Cherry
Poem: Homonym on The Range
Poet: cherrykc

Message: Thanks bro **Thomas ** for this challenge. Thanks to ALL.And good luck.
Poem: Wild Wild Words
Poet: poetsword

Message: Thanks for this fun challenge my dear Al. Hope you enjoy my poem. I had fun writing it. LOL! Rose
Poem: Funny dogs
Poet: starlight1


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