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'The Colours Of Your Spirituality'

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Winner is Ompapa

Winning Poem

the title says it all, lets see where you take it. thanks. 'The Colours Of Your Spirituality'
Host: SandraVeinot

Message: Dont know if this is ok for challenge. It is the color and essence of my faith. Norma
Poem: Ten Commandment Poem
Poet: Mistymaiden

Message: Hi. Good Valentines Week to you. From 20 years ago. Thanx to all for the excellent entries, and Sandra, without poets like you, where would the world be. Enjoy a festive eve. Ciao. james m n
Poem: i remember fourteen some
Poet: reality1

Message: Thank you for hosting this lovely challenge. Pam :)
Poem: In Living Colours.....My Spirituality
Poet: Adele Kaye

Message: Often, in dying, peoples spiritual sides soar as they anticipate a reuniting with family who have gone before and with meeting their Lord and we see generosity and gratitude in the face of pain.
Poem: The Last Leaf
Poet: Mikitajane

Poem: Face Book of Love
Poet: Picck1

Message: Your true Self is more wonderful than you can imagine...
Poem: Far From This Earth Plane
Poet: Ompapa

Message: A little something for the challenge. Thank you for hosting.
Poem: Sundays are Purple
Poet: The Rambler

Message: Thanks for this challenge-it is very good. SL
Poem: Resurrection
Poet: Street Lawyer

Poem: Purple Flowers
Poet: SuperSlimJim

Message: This is my second challenge.
Poem: Resplendent Understanding Love
Poet: freespirit30

Poem: The secret place
Poet: teardrops22

Message: Something for the Challenge
Poem: Dr Ben and Mark Twain
Poet: Bubby

Message: Sandra, What a wonderful challenge you have chosen! Here is my inspiration of colors! Thanks for hosting this! Joyfulsunrise
Poem: The Colors of Gods Presence
Poet: Joyce Porter


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