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Tell Me Does Your Angel Have Wings

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is panther811

Winning Poem

Winner is

Winning Poem

Winner is shazza

Winning Poem

Give it your best this is my first challenge for my new pen name SuperSlimJim Best Wishes and Good Luck.
Host: SuperSlimJim

Message: Hi. Good Valentines Week to you. Thanx to all for the excellent entries, and SSJ for the challenge, without poets like you, where would the world be. Enjoy a festive eve. Ciao. james m n
Poem: Winged
Poet: reality1

Message: Just a sample
Poem: Hay There Mister
Poet: SuperSlimJim

Message: Yes vote
Poem: Angel Have Wings
Poet: panther811

Message: Hummm, let me think!
Poem: Wings and Things
Poet: Adele Kaye

Message: One more poem for your reading list
Poet: jollynoblefrog

Message: Love anything involving angels :)
Poem: Hidden Angles
Poet: shazza

Message: I really did not write this for a challenge.. hope you enjoy. Maria
Poem: DAD
Poet: Maria67

Poem: Gods Glorious Gift
Poet: Soulsisno5

Poem: The Black Chair
Poet: Blacpoet

Message: I wish to add the poem written 30 years ago for the challenge
Poem: Beauty By Light
Poet: Mangalaraj

Poet: Soulsisno5

Message: Thanks my kind friend Jim for this lovely challenge. Hope you enjoy my poem. Hugs. Rose
Poem: Graceful butterfly
Poet: Starlight1


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