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'Judge Nothing Before its Time'

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Winner is panther811

Winning Poem

I want to challenge you to write a poem ABOUT; 'Judge Nothing Before its Time' Remember this is ABOUT 'Judge Nothing Before its Time'. thanks.
Host: SandraVeinot

Message: I guess I am first, here goes....
Poem: Judge Nothing Before Its Time
Poet: Adele Kaye

Message: perish duh thought
Poet: panther811

Poem: I Just Do
Poet: dquilan2

Message: This may not be quite what you are looking for, but this little dog was judged quite harshly for a time. Thank you for letting my humble poem in your challenge. Hugs, micki
Poem: Herman W. Hoodlehout
Poet: Mikitajane

Poem: As Far As Judgement Goes
Poet: pamschwetz

Message: This is where that phrase took me, with thanks, Van
Poem: Murder?
Poet: VanNostrum

Message: Judging not before the time is hard NOT to do sometimes. I hope this will render that thought out a little more clearly. Last year was especially a hard time for that for me.
Poem: Id Like to Answer
Poet: southernblood


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