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As the daisies were gathered

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Winner is Mikitajane

Winning Poem

Winner is Adele Kaye

Winning Poem

Hello friends! I have decided to create my first challenge, so I hope you all will join in on the fun... Any style, any background, any image, and any music you wish...the poem must contain the phrase "as the daisies were gathered" Daisies are my favorite flower, can't wait to see them this spring and can't wait to read about them in your wonderful poems, have fun and I hope to see you all there!
Host: LostAngel28

Poet: deeny107

Message: let love bloom as the flowers bloom.
Poem: What is important
Poet: marvin goldfarb

Message: So happy for this challenge, lostangel28. Helps me think of coming Springtime.
Poem: Gathering Daisies
Poet: Mikitajane

Message: You are daisy if you do..........
Poem: A Daisy Tale
Poet: panther811

Message: I enjoyed this challenge, thank you for hosting!
Poem: Of Vine and Wildflowers
Poet: Adele Kaye

Poem: The Friends Arrival
Poet: bornwanderer

Message: such a fun challenge you have given us..thank you my friend...hope you like
Poem: Childhood
Poet: seelie

Poet: colinb

Message: Please ignore the last one, this site is confusing lol
Poem: As the Daisies Were Gathered
Poet: Human_Voice

Message: Hi. Good African-American History Month to you. Thanx All for the excellent entries, and LostAngel for a cool challenge, without poets like you, where would the world be. Enjoy your eve. Ciao. jmn
Poem: Flowering Yellow
Poet: reality1

Message: Something for your challenge.
Poem: Our Hearts were mended
Poet: SuperSlimJim

Message: Thanks for this lovely challenge my friend. Hope you enjoy my poem. Hugs. Rose
Poem: Daisy chains
Poet: Starlight1

Poem: Blessed
Poet: notebook

Message: Thanks for the wonderful challange Tammie. Good luck all>
Poem: I Found me a Daisey
Poet: highnoon


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