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Pam's Potpourri of Poetry (PPP)

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Hi everyone! I have a whole new group of words for you! This challenge is based on the use of a single word chosen from the list below to use in your poem. Note: You may use as many of the words as you want if you are so inclined. Be sure to list the word(s) used at the bottom of your poem. The poem does not have to be about the meaning(s) of the word(s), it merely has to contain the word(s) exactly as they're shown. This, being the only guideline, we should be afforded a potpourri of poetry. I will host this week long challenge but the winner(s) of each challenge have the honor of providing the words for the next challenge. So, let's see what our gift of words and our pens can do! ~~~~~~~~~Greetings! My name is Debera, AbbasEwe and I will be filling in for Pam (Whispermoon) for a bit. Thank you so much Pam for allowing me to fill in and host this popular challenge! You have created the most wonderful avenue for us. I will look forward to your return ... I'll do my best for you all... ________Congratulations go to Micki (Mikitajane)........... if you didn't get a chance to read her entry... it is delightful! On the same vein as Julie's "Q" words... Micki has offered "S" words this week....... Slowly, somnolent, sudden, sappy, silliness, symmetrical, soprano, squirrelly, stuffiness, stunt, stunning, symbolic, stupor, soporific, and stupendous ~~~~~~Have a wonderful week! ~Debera _______Please note this challenge will be set up for one week and have a 12 hour voting time. (I hope) :/ Take good care of you Pam!!!... we luv's ya gal!!!
Host: AbbasEwe

Message: which is it?
Poem: Booze boos cheers or baseball
Poet: marvin goldfarb

Message: Hi. Good African-American History Month to you. Thanx All for the excellent entries, and Debera for the cool challenge, without poets like you, where would the world be. Enjoy your eve. Ciao. jmn
Poem: DC WA$H
Poet: reality1

Message: all the words
Poem: sleepy headed until...
Poet: moon spirit

Message: This seems to me to be appropriate right now.. I ofer
Poem: For Whispermoon
Poet: jollynoblefrog

Message: Smiles, love & blessings...
Poem: Bold as Brass
Poet: cherryk

Message: Something a bit different from me. Thanks for the challenge. Carla
Poem: The Touch of Love (Sensual)
Poet: carmurr

Message: Thanks for hosting this lovely challenge sis. Hope you enjoy my poem. Hugs. Rose
Poem: Funny face
Poet: Starlight1


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