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Potpourri of Poetry (POP)Challenge

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Winner is bcharmed

Winning Poem

Hello again and welcome to the Potpourri of Poetry Challenge! This challenge has been set up to primarily encourage everyone to write! Whether you are a novice poet or one of our seasoned poets here at The Starlite Cafe, this challenge is for you! Choose just one or however many you wish from the list of fifteen plus (15+) randomly chosen words below and use it or them in a poem. Your poem can be about anything and you may use any form you like. And there are "no" stipulations on presentation. The possibilities are endless and we should be afforded a true potpourri of poetry! (be sure to list the words you are using at the bottom of your entry) The challenge will run for ten (10) days and the winner has the honor of choosing the words to be used in the next challenge. Congratulations to our winner of the last challenge, Cherry (Cherrykc)! She has provided the following words to choose from: ambition (2) button (3) given (4) grizzled (5) intricate (6) jubilee (7) lurid (8) metaphor (9) normal (10) putrid (11) quell (12) satisfy (13) topical (14) undulate and (15) verify. Good luck and most of all, have fun! Pam :)
Host: Adele Kaye

Message: the words in red to be read
Poem: To Be Number One
Poet: marvin goldfarb

Message: Thank you for your comments.
Poet: poetalthomas

Poem: An Intricate Metaphor
Poet: pamschwetz

Message: To welcome you back home I bring you this
Poem: Moon Songs
Poet: jollynoblefrog

Message: I do not know what to say! Thanks for reading :)
Poem: Crush
Poet: Kayla Esther

Poem: Beautiful And Magnificent
Poet: Aelita

Message: Thanks for this lovely challenge my dear sis. Hope you enjoy my poem. Blessings hugs and love. Rose
Poem: A bouquet of flowers
Poet: Starlight1

Message: Smiles, love & blessings...
Poem: Communication Breakdown
Poet: cherryk

Message: A little something passionate for this challenge. I hope you enjoy. Brandy :)
Poem: the pleasure of
Poet: bcharmed

Poet: panther811


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