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PHRASE/THEME Multi-Challenge--read page for rules, info, and REQUIRED PHRASES AND THEME

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is NotaPoet_

Winning Poem


Please remember that if you enter this challenge it would be nice to read and comment on the other entries and please return to vote when the challenge closes.. thank you!
We are bringing back the Multi Challenge but this version will be a bit different than the previous challenge. It will still be a SITE-WIDE VOTED challenge. Only multi writes will be accepted (in other words, the required number of phrases and theme must be used in the poem). You may use any style of poetry or prose, but all entries must comply with Starlite posting policies and will be removed if not posted to this criteria.

You will be given three phrases and your must choose AT LEAST TWO of them to use in the BODY of your poem, not in the title. (You can use one in the title but two MUST appear in the body of the poem. They must be used EXACTLY AS GIVEN except of course if an option is offered. Other than that the phrases CANNOT be altered in any way. You will be given a theme which must be the prevailing concept of the poem but the actual word for the theme (ex: Peace, Time, Love, Writing... whatever the theme might be) does not have to appear in the poem.

So let's go over that once more...
At least two of the three offered phrase MUST BE USED IN THE BODY OF THE POEM EXACTLY AS GIVEN. No altered phrases are allowed. Sometimes a phrase will give you options, however.

One theme will be given. You DO NOT need to use this word in your poem. However, the poem must reflect the theme's concept.

Finally, though not mandatory I do ask that the phrases used be listed at the bottom of your poem. You do not have to list the theme but you may if you wish.

The PHRASES for this challenge are as follows and remember you MUST list phrases used at the bottom of your poem:

"lost in the shadows"

"found in the light"

"facing the truth "

The THEME for the challenge is HONESTY

Only one poem per poet will be accepted in this challenge. The challenge will close on the date and time listed above.

Any poem that does not meet these requirements will be removed prior to the vote.

All poems entered must be open for all to view! This will allow all Starlite to vote fairly. If your poem is hidden it will not be considered for a win and will be removed without notice. Time to put your thinking caps on and let your creativity shine!

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marvin goldfarb
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Remember every Starlite member can open their own challenges. These challenges can be opened to all of Starlite or to only your friends. You Decide!