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Simplicity SFITB Challenge with Myrna D./Kajuncutie--read page for rules, info, and REQUIRED PHRASE

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is jollynoblefrog

Winning Poem

Please read the posting guidelines and NEW RULE for this challenge detailed below.

NEW RULE!!!!!!

You MUST include the phrase with BLANK filled in at the bottom of your poem so it can be determined what you are filling the blank in with. REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST USE FOUR WORDS OR LESS TO FILL IN THE BLANK AND IT MUST COMPLETE THE PHRASE. examples: if the given phrase were ' __________ the country air', your phrase could be 'breathing in the country air'. If the given phrase were 'if ________ could speak', your phrase could be 'if time could speak' If the given phrase were 'between the breaths ___________', your phrase could be 'between the breaths of our special moments'. Whatever it is it must be included at the bottom of your poem. If not included your poem will be subject to removal from challenge.

Welcome to the 'Simplicity--Simply Fill in the Blank' challenge! We hope to challenge you in a very unique way!

This week's Simply Fill In The Blank phrase is...

"only a ____________ away"

This phrase MUST be used in the body of the poem EXACTLY AS GIVEN with the blank filled in! THE BLANK MUST BE FILLED IN WITH FOUR WORDS OR LESS (NO MORE) AND IT MUST COMPLETE THE PHRASE!!! NO MODIFICATIONS CAN BE MADE TO THE PHRASE EXCEPT IN PUNCTUTAION (IF APPLICABLE) Sometimes the phrase may contain a choice of words (such as.. ex.. his/her/my and in that case any of the given choices would be acceptable. And of course we go a step further. Yes, as always we add that little twist to the challenge!

READ THESE RULES VERY CAREFULLY! The poems submitted into this challenge are to be posted with NO artwork/graphics, NO backgrounds whatsoever, NO floaties, and NO music or video.
Each poem MUST be posted on an ENTIRELY SOLID WHITE PAGE and the font used MUST be black. There must be no font generated graphics or line dividers used!
Let us see our words in the simplest way... and let our thoughts soar without tethers.

Any poem that does not meet the criteria given for this challenge will be removed from the thread prior to voting. If time allows a poem not meeting criteria will be given a chance to be modifed. If time does not allow, the poem will be removed without notice prior to voting by host. Only one poem per poet (not pen name) is allowed for this challenge. If you enter a hosted challenge, please be sure to check back for the host's decision. Also, make sure you have included contact information in your profile. You will have 24 hours to respond, or we will grant hosting privileges to the runner up. If the host does not vote a winner will be chosen for them by the moderator.

If your poem is hidden from the HOST'S & MODERATOR'S view or does not comply with posting criteria it will not be considered for a win, and may be removed from the challenge without notice. Please read this notice in 'Challenge Policies' or on the poem submission page. Non-compliance could mean removal from challenge.

No JFTLOI entries allowed in this challenge. If you enter, please do so with the intent to host if you should be named the winner. The ONLY two exceptions to the JFTLOI rule will be the prior host (the host who awarded the challenge to the present host as the winner or runner-up)...and also the host of the current challenge. BOTH may submit but NEITHER can be considered for a win.

Challenge will close on the date and time posted above or when the entry count reaches 15 poems.

Your Host: kajuncutie

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