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Anything Goes Challenge with Gracie_B (Ann/Gracie) read rules for rules and info

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is jollynoblefrog

Winning Poem

Welcome to our Anything Goes Challenge! This challenge will have no phrase, theme, or genre restrictions to be followed! Any writing form is accepted... poem, short story, songs... whatever. You may write about anything be it happy, sad, humorous, inspirational etc... As you can see the possibilities are endless. Let's see what you can come up with. It could be a new submission or an older one that has not previously posted in a challenge!

Only one entry per poet (not pen name... which means if you are part of a collaboration this will count as your entry) will be accepted in this challenge.

If you enter a hosted challenge, please be sure to check back for the host's decision and enter will the intention of hosting if chosen as the winner. You will have 24 hours to respond, or we will grant hosting privileges to the runner up. Also if entering a hosted challenge please make sure there is contact information in your profile for the moderator. If unable to be contacted, after 24 hours the hosting duties will be offered to the runner-up. If the host does not choose a winner, a winner will be chosen for them by the moderator OR the challenge will close with no winner at all.
This challenge ends at the time and date shown above or upon reaching 15 entries. (This challenge tends to fill quickly so check often to see if challenge has closed)

Anything Goes is a host voted challenge so all submissions entered MUST be open for the host and moderator to view! This will allow the host to make a fair choice of winner. Also your poem must comply with Starlite's posting policies. These can be found in Challenge Policy or on the poem submission page. Please read them. If your poem is hidden or found to be not compliant with policies, it will not be considered for a win and will be removed without notice.
No JFTLOI entries allowed in this challenge. If you enter, please do so with the intent to host if you should be named the winner. The ONLY two exceptions to the JFTLOI rule will be the prior host (the host who awarded the challenge to the present host as the winner or runner-up)...and also the host of the current challenge. BOTH may submit but NEITHER can be considered for a win.

Your Host: Gracie_B

Message: a good idiomatic expression
Poem: Does time fly?
Poet: marvin goldfarb

Message: An oldie hopefully to bring you a smile.
Poem: Pickled Eulogy
Poet: TinyTeddy

Poem: Sweet Sweet Sorrow
Poet: deeny107

Message: Aloha friend!
Poem: Angels On Earth...
Poet: XRifles

Message: Music, love, and a mutual interest in the night sky collide!
Poem: A World of Music
Poet: Kayla Esther

Message: i am new still learning
Poem: 2 Birds sitting on a branch
Poet: LesNibbs

Message: to the starlight poet ive been very sick I need prayers so sorry I could not post for a while and thanks for wins
Poem: Destiny of Faith
Poet: Johanna Fields

Poem: Coyotes Hidden Agenda
Poet: FlowGee

Poet: g.riveros

Message: I had not written a tumbler in a while.. and I do not think I have to tell who this is about... Again congrats and thank you for hosting.. hope you enjoy! Myrna
Poem: Sweet Reminder
Poet: Myrna D.

Poem: I Am Free
Poet: jollynoblefrog

Message: New Poem, first one for a long time. Hope you all like it x
Poem: Lucky
Poet: eagle000100

Message: Thank you for your comments.
Poet: poetalthomas


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