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All Stars Challenge with Gracie_B (Ann) -read page for rules, info, and REQUIRED PHRASE

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is alwaysmywords

Winning Poem

NEW POLICY CONCERNING WINNING AND HOSTING THE HOSTED CHALLENGES (Word Painting, Simplicity SFITB, Anything Goes, and All Stars). If you enter a hosted challenge, you MUST do so with the full intent and understanding that hosting is EXPECTED of you if you win. Family emergencies and such do come up and we do understand that. But a response is appreciated and in the future to be named as the winner in any of the above mentioned challenges, a response will be REQUIRED. After the host has made his/her choice and has sent them to the moderator, the winner will be contacted. The winner will have 24 hours to respond. If no response is received, the runner-up will be contacted. If the runner-up responds and hosts, he/she will be awarded the win. Hosting is NOT MANDATORY but to earn the win IT WILL BE REQUIRED. This is only fair to both the host and the other entrants in the given challenge. If the winner has a legitimate reason for not hosting (as mentioned above), the winner will still be credited with a win and the named winner and runner-up will share the win if the runner-up hosts. Also if entering a hosted challenge please make note of my email address. It is kajuncutie926@aol.com. Contact me (moderator) this way and/or through Starlite messages. If the host does not choose a winner, a winner will be chosen for them by the moderator OR the challenge will close with no winner at all. Remember this pertains to the HOSTED CHALLENGES ONLY!

Now on to the challenge!!!!
We have decided to go back to the original format of the All Stars challenge. This challenge is open to Starliters who have won at least 4 (FOUR) OR MORE voting challenges. If the 'add a poem or message' link does not appear on this challenge page then you are not eligible to enter.

Please note below the change in the rules concerning the use of the phrase and the
posting of poems that are hidden from view!
This week's challenge phrase is

"the motion of a moment"

We are looking forward to seeing what all our wonderful poets can come up with for this phrase.
Your poem can be any form of poetry you choose as all forms of verse are acceptable.
Come on all stars dazzle our host with your talents!

Poems that do not use the given phrase EXACTLY AS SHOWN ABOVE in the body of the poem will become ineligible and may be removed!
If not amended or removed they will NOT be considered by the host when a winner is chosen!

This challenge will close on the date and time listed above.

All Star is a hosted challenge...therefore all poems entered must be open for the host and moderator to view! This will allow the host to make a fair choice of winner.
If your poem is hidden or does not comply with posting criteria it will not be considered for a win, and may be removed from the challenge WITHOUT NOTICE! Only ONE entry per post is allosed... THIS DOES NOT MEAN PEN NAME... IT MEANS POET!

No JFTLOI entries allowed in this challenge. If you enter, please do so with the intent to host if you should be named the winner. The ONLY two exceptions to the JFTLOI rule will be the prior host (the host who awarded the challenge to the present host)...and also the host of the current challenge. BOTH may submit but NEITHER can be considered for a win.

Your Host: Gracie_B

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Myrna D.
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Remember every Starlite member can open their own challenges. These challenges can be opened to all of Starlite or to only your friends. You Decide!