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"Out-Side the Box Challenge #68 10-1 Countdown Challenge

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Winner is bcharmed

Winning Poem

Count-Down Challenge Welcome to the "Out-Side the Box" 10-1 Count-Down Challenge #68, In this Count-Down Challenge, you will write about anything your heart desires,,, ”But with a twist”, you will build an “Inverted Pyramid”. Your first line of poetry will consist of 10 words only, the second line will consist of 9 words, hence the count-down, removing one word to each line, until you end your write with a single ( 1 ) word. Your Challenge this week, A 10-1 Count-Down Challenge. The "Theme is up to you". Remember", Pay close attention to your write, as you may have to adjust your font size in order for the lines to appear correctly” Each line, must contain the given number of words per line, any spill over will result in an extra or incomplete line, and you will be asked to adjust it or have it removed before voting. Thank you for joining me in the "Out-Side the Box" 10-1 Count-Down Challenge #68. “Dig Deep inside your thoughts, and WOW us”, but most of all…Remember, "Have Fun" "Out-Side the Box” 10-1 Count-Down Challenge #68
Host: Poison_9901

Message: Thank you for your comments.
Poet: poetalthomas

Poem: Life
Poet: maryfrances

Poem: Olives are good
Poet: deeny107

Message: Thank you
Poem: In the Beginning
Poet: WinterWolf

Message: My humble share for your challenge, Steve. Hope you enjoy. Myrna
Poem: Us
Poet: Myrna D.

Message: A little scribble for your challenge. Enjoy! :) Brandy
Poem: Poetry
Poet: bcharmed

Poem: Watch the Baton
Poet: AlwaysMyWords

Message: Love&blessings...
Poem: The Perfect Word
Poet: cherryk


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