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The NEW P.O.P.

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Winner is tony parsons

Winning Poem

The NEW Potourri Of Poetry challenge. I enjoy hosting and yet I am apprehensive in taking the responsibility to be the decision maker.So, to be clear my criteria for choosing a winner is as follows; All of what you put together counts! For instance; spelling, word usage, presentation and following the guidelines. (ie; listing what words were used) In the case of a tie, I will choose the one who used the most words given for this challenge. Also, I will consider whether they used the tie breaker bonus word that I chose and if that word was correctly used. If you would like to know why I chose a poem over your entry, please email me. However, I will place my reason for my choice in the comment section of the winner. Use at least one of the 14 words from the list below. Note: You may use as many of the words as you want if you are so inclined. Be sure to list the word(s) used at the bottom of your poem. The winner(s) of each challenge will have the honor of providing 14 words for the next challenge.I will choose a Bonus Word (I must receive the next set of words within 24 hours after I notify you of your win) This week,congratulations to Cherry and a big 'thank you' for providing our next set: --personal-- local-- keeping-- might-- occasional-- disclose-- regard-- project-- abruptly-- broom-- wildly-- excuse--- joyful--gain-- BONUS WORD... --dauntless-- ~Thank you for trusting me to vote fairly and for your participation ,reading and commenting!!!
Host: AbbasEwe

Message: Thank you for your comments.
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: thanks for the challenge and for reading and commenting...used all words including bonus word...
Poem: The Sweep
Poet: pamschwetz

Message: Dear Abbas: Glad to participate in the challenge. Suvasini
Poem: Oh! The Irony!
Poet: Suvasini

Message: Dear Abbas: I thought I will give your another another entry. Hope you like it.
Poet: Suvasini

Message: Oops! My second poem simply refuses to be entered in the challenge. Let me try again. Thank you for the patience.
Poet: Suvasini

Poet: Suvasini

Message: Thanks my sweet sis Deb for this very lovely challenge. Hope you enjoy my poem. Blessings hugs and love. Rose
Poem: Beautiful light of mine
Poet: Starlight1

Message: Back here again Deb, hope you get a smile from this one
Poem: Unmentionables
Poet: AlwaysMyWords

Message: Short, but Sweep.
Poem: Sign Outside a New Broom Store
Poet: Rawland

Message: Off the leash in this one.
Poem: Dog Park
Poet: tony parsons

Message: Purely in support, my dear Deb...
Poem: Beware The New Broom
Poet: cherryk


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