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A Little Laugh

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Winner is VH42

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Winner is rosieswords

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Winner is cherrykc

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Winner is panther811

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Who wants to giggle? I ask that you let loose your funny bone for a minute, and think of a humorous moment to share. Please write a 4 line poem, no more than 10 words per line, and please include the phrase, "Just for Laughs," in the body of the poem. I know many of you have witty words to share, now's the time to let them shine!
Host: riki_ryme

Message: Thanks Dan. Here is my effort.
Poet: hollydar

Message: In real life, my husband was not amused and accused me of trying to give him a heart attack. (It was still a little bit funny.)
Poet: VH42

Message: In reality, my husband accused me of trying to give him a heart attack. (It was still a little bit funny.)
Poet: VH42

Message: think I did this wrong...oh well, here it is anyway.
Poem: Rosies Epitaph
Poet: Rose Marie Streeter

Poem: Hero Worship
Poet: AlwaysMyWords

Message: It is not as funny as tipping a cow, unless you are a cow.
Poem: You Did Say Little Laugh...
Poet: Rawland

Message: Love& blessings...
Poem: Mess? Yes!
Poet: cherryk

Poem: Funny Monkey
Poet: Starlight1

Poem: Just For Laughs
Poet: panther811


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