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Sometimes I Miss You

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Winner is mariannajo

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Winner is imms_place

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Winner is dexaler7

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We all get those days when we think of someone dear to us.Please use the phrase Sometimes I Miss You in the body of your poems.Thank you..Floreann
Host: Floreann Cawley

Poem: Missing you
Poet: starlight1

Message: Thank you Florean and dear ALL.... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo mikri
Poem: The Promise
Poet: mikri

Message: Thank you for reading..I appreciate it.. God bless Hugs Betty
Poem: Thinking Of You
Poet: betty

Message: The pen just threw itself at me for this challenge. Some of these phrases demand attention. Enjoy
Poem: Sometimes I Miss You
Poet: maryfrances

Poet: crp

Message: Love is hard to forget.
Poem: You Are Hard To Forget
Poet: magical_feeling

Message: Heres a few words added to your phrase.
Poem: Looking Back
Poet: tinyteddy

Message: Thanks for the challenge, Floreann!
Poem: Talkin To Grandpa
Poet: wm_lamebull

Message: My entry for your challenge I hope you enjoy, Brenda
Poem: I miss you
Poet: badmac

Poet: deeny107

Message: Inspired by this challenge- this is about someone Ive been missing for a long time- right now more than other times - Im sure alot of you can relate- enjoy.
Poem: Sometimes I Miss YOu
Poet: perdedora

Message: I hope you like it...I appreciate all comments. Take care of U *Diamond****
Poet: ruby2diamond

Message: Thanx so much for your comments...I appreciate it. Take care of U *Diamond****
Poem: Sometimes means Always....
Poet: ruby2diamond

Message: Hi Floreann! I hope this one is okay for your challenge! Thank you for reading my poem! :)
Poem: Innocent Love
Poet: rnpd

Poet: mariannajo

Message: This phrase has captured my attention my friend!! Hope you like my take on the challenge!! Thanks so much for reading!! Hugs :-)Heather
Poem: Missing You
Poet: hhazlett26

Message: here is one for you,enjoy,mary
Poem: Thoughts of you
Poet: imms_place

Message: here is mine
Poem: From Heart To Brain
Poet: dexaler7


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