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A Tiny Bud Emerging Into Memory

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is cherrykc

Winning Poem

Your Host : tinyteddy

Tinyteddy has yet another challenge for you..
( I still can’t keep up with her.) She has asked that you use the phrase below in your poems

" a tiny bud emerging into memory".

You must use the phrase exactly as given.

Only one poem per poet will be accepted for this challenge!
Any poem that does not use the phrase exactly will be removed from the thread prior to voting.

Pick up your pens poets! Let's keep Bonnie busy! Again I have tried but without success, so it’s up to you...and yes, busy keeps her somewhat out of trouble!

The challenge will end August 24, or after 25 poems posted.
Only one poem per poet will be allowed for this challenge.

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