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Classic T V Titles

This challenge has been closed.

Winner is tinyteddy

Winning Poem

Winner is jollynoblefrog

Winning Poem

Winner is bramptonmc

Winning Poem

Your Host george_langley

george_langley (George) has asked that you write a poem using the titles of the following ten TV Classic programs..

1.Get Smart
2. Lost In Space
3. I Love Lucy
4. That Girl
5.Green Acres
6.Love Boat
7.The Brady Bunch
8.Charlie's Angels
9.The Little Rascals

You must use the titles exactly as given.

Only one poem per poet will be accepted for this challenge!
Any poem that does not use All the titles exactly as given will be removed prior to voting.

Pick up your pens poets and pen poems using ALL titles above as given.

This challenge will end August 27th, or after 25 poems posted.
Only one poem per poet will be allowed for this challenge.

Message: This has to be the quickest poem I have written.LOL
Poem: Down On The Farm
Poet: tinyteddy

Poem: if nostalgias disdained
Poet: dawa

Message: Thanks George for this inspiration. I appreciate all comments.
Poet: poetalthomas

Message: Here is my try...Hope it gives you a laugh, George!!
Poem: The Story of Charlie and Ingot
Poet: tnlinda

Message: I know my poem doesnt count, but I wanted to write a poem using the ten TV Classics
Poem: The Diner
Poet: george_langley

Message: hope you enjoy doreen
Poet: doc_dyr

Message: So much fun this one was! Enjoy and thanks for reading! Darlene :)
Poem: The Love Boat
Poet: darlene_hylton

Poem: MASH - Give Away
Poet: arizonaangel

Message: This was challenging and run, hope I have met your requirements.
Poem: Mind Games
Poet: alwaysmywords

Message: I have a poem for you, hope it brings smiles thanks for the trip down Memory Lane
Poem: Those Were The Good Years
Poet: jollynoblefrog

Message: Thank you for reading. I hope my poem gives you a smile
Poem: Stranded
Poet: starlight1

Poem: The Capers
Poet: creativity5363

Message: Please accept my entry into your challenge..
Poem: Beneath Green Acres
Poet: bramptonmc

Message: Hi George I thought I would try your challenge seems like fun hope I am doing it right never done one like this mary
Poem: Classic TV. Titles.
Poet: just_little_me

Message: This is really silly but I enjoyed writing it,thanks for the challenge.
Poem: Sitcom lunch
Poet: misunderstood1

Message: i hope this is what you wanted
Poem: tv sit com.
Poet: starstruck13

Message: Hello George...you asked fer it...lololol...~R~
Poem: Country Gal? Not!
Poet: rosieswords

Poem: Sinking of the Love Boat
Poet: verdeboy

Message: Ooh! I just could not resist this one! Hope you enjoy . . .
Poem: Among the Stars
Poet: lindanewman


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