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Two In Nine

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Winner is alwaysmywords

Winning Poem

Welcome to the Two in Nine challenge.

The challenge: use the phrases I provide anywhere in your poem. They must be used as given, with no changes.

The poem must have THREE stanzas, each THREE lines long. Your finished poem will have NINE lines in total. Please leave a break between each of the three stanzas.

Any format such as rhyme, free verse, anything you choose to use is acceptable.

Please follow the guidelines for posting which are outlined on the posting page. Poems not following those guidelines are subject to removal from this challenge. This is a site wide voting event. Please be sure your poem is not hidden from view, or it will be disqualified.

if you choose to play in my challenge, please remember to vote when the challenge closes. Thank you. I look forward to reading your creative poetry.

The phrases are:

Faded photos and yellow news

Country fairs and merry go rounds

Host: Sallee

Adele Kaye
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