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Poets choice

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Winner is marvin goldfarb

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Winner is deeny107

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Winner is poetalthomas

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Winner is cherryk

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Winner is Sallee

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My challenge is Poets Choice. Pick one of the titles and write a poem 1 You are in my thoughts and prayers 2 You are my sunshine 3 Memories of autumn 4 Sharing the magic 5 Her precious garden 6 To touch the stars 7 Lavender dreams 8 Night sky 9 Treasured 10 Morning glow 11 Guardian angel 12 Time stands still 13 I'll be there for you 14 A room with a view 15 Where hope grows,miracles bloom 16 Amongst fields of gold 17 Lake of dreams 18 Enchanted waterfalls 19 The best and most beautiful things 20 Written in the stars 21 Forever autumn 22 Autumn beauty 23 Watching over you 24 Home is where the heart is 25 Ice cream and pumpkin pie 26 Forest beauty 27 Summers end 28 Autumn breeze 29 Carving Pumpkins 30 Gods beautiful colors of autumn 31 The beautiful birds of autumn 32 On a golden pond. Good luck to you all my dear friends. Hope you have fun in the challenge. I can't wait to read your beautiful writes. Have a wonderful weekend. On your mark, get set, let your golden pens flow. Love you. Blessings and love. Have fun. Rose. Please list at the bottom of your poem the title/ or titles you used. Thanks
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Message: In support of your challenge Rose! Good luck to everyone!
Poem: Gods Beautiful Colors of Autumn
Poet: Adele Kaye

Poet: marvin goldfarb

Poem: Home Sweet Home
Poet: deeny107

Poem: The way love is
Poet: SoftSpoken

Message: Thank you for your comment.
Poet: poetalthomas

Poem: Glowing Beauty
Poet: Mariannajo

Message: Love & blessings...
Poem: Connected
Poet: cherryk

Poem: Fading Embers
Poet: Sallee


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