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Ballad Stanza

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Winner is deeny107

Winning Poem

Write a poem of moderate length in ballad stanzas. (Try to keep it between two and fifteen stanzas). The poem will be judged on the following: lyricism (it should feel like a song); story telling; setting a mood; feeling original; and communicating a sense of personality and a time and place. Please be considerate of old eyes. Leave good contrast between font and background and don't very small or eccentrically-shaped fonts. Any subject matter, any mood - but follow the site-wide conditions, etc. - - - -If you are not sure what I mean by Ballad Stanza, read on. Ballad stanzas have four lines. The first and third lines don't usually rhyme, but the second and fourth lines do rhyme, sometimes using near rhymes rather than perfect rhymes. Usually the first and third lines are four feet and the second and fourth are three feet. (If you are writing in March Time, that would be about eight syllables or "beats" in the longer lines, and about six in the shorter lines. If you are writing in Waltz Time, that would be twelve and nine beats. I use the term "March Time" to mean two syllable feet such as iambs or trochees. I use the term "Waltz Time" to mean a three syllable foot such as an amphibrach or anapest. Ballads are traditionally very irregular in their number of syllables, so if you think in terms of music, you will be fine even if you add or delete a syllable or two here and there. These things are often, but not always (maybe not even usually) true about ballads: They tell stories; include dialogue; use a lot of internal sound play withing lines; and have a refrain or a repeated chorus.
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